Viviana Ramos

Viviana is an illustrator and print designer from Costa Rica. Her prints are inspired by the nature of her native country. Most of her designs are made by hand, especially with watercolor and other materials such as ink, gouache and acrylic.

Sevgi, littlebold

She was born in 1981. In addition to graphic design she is interested in music and literature as a musician and a composer. She believes power

of the connections between science, spirituality, art and design plus regards herself as a “life-long learner”.

Maria Guija

Maria is an illustrator and print designer currently living in Essex (UK), She grew up in Seville, one of sunniest and more colourful spanish cities. She also has lived in Belgium, Sweden and England. Her work is a playful, bold and she loves bright colours. Her favourite techniques are painting with markers, collage and carving her own stamps, because she  truly adore printmaking. She really enjoy travelling, cycling, good food and yoga."


Maja Ugrinovic

Since her aerly age music was her inspiration for everything. It puller her through a wild range of diverse art forms. She strarted exploring the world by dancing, drawing, wood carving, painting, writing poetry...Over the time, she realized she should bring her art t a new level and modernize it. That's whe she felt in love with patterns. It became her new melody

Richard Baker

He has always known from the age of 11 years old that I wanted a creative career. He  takes his inspiration from country walks, the delights that various seasons bring in the UK. He thinks having a little bit of pressure can be a good thing in generating more work. 

Pape Monsoriu

She's a multidisciplinary artist as she does Graphic Design, Illustration, Patterns and even Actress!

She mix digital and hand drawn techniques to design her prints. She's a really creative designer. Pape is always searching, reading and collecting new ideas to surprise us with her powerful creative mind.


Gitty Chemoss

She's a Kenyan born self-taught artist currently living in the Netherlands with her young family. She  has always found immense joy exploring different art forms, from theatre to music, but fine art has always been a constant. She believes art is a powerful language that speaks to our higher nature and adds to the beauty of the world.  She enjoys learning and discovering new ways to express her creativity and she's grateful for the infinite sources of inspiration all around her.


Sanna Kallio

Sanna is a Finnish illustrator and graphic designer, who has recently moved to UK. She loves to design funny animal characters and quirky texture patterns. She's been a pattern enthusiast her whole life, developing her passion for art and drawing from kindergarten through to receiving her Master of Arts at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. She started her career as an illustrator but soon found her other big love, magazine design, which became a decade long career. Her professional focus is now transitioning to surface pattern design. Realising her dream, Sanna has just released her very first collection of stationery, homewares, and gifts.